A lot of people keep asking me, saying “What is minibus??”, “What is the difference between minibus and van?”.
  In this article, I will give you a brief explanation on minibus, or van. Generally speaking, minibus is a vehicle that has a seats for 11 - 29 people. On the other hand, van originally means a roof car, but nowadays the exact definition varies in each countries. In UK, minivan for passenger purpose is called people career, or MPV, and other bigger vans are called minibus. However, in Japan a lot of van-y cars are considered van unlike UK, so Japanese vans are not necessarily “van” in other countries.
  Now we sort of got the basic idea of minibus and van. But which van or minibus we should really buy? For that question, I can fairly say that it’s Japanese ones. I know Mercedes Benz and BMW are amazing, but I also assume that you’re not very dedicated to bland thing. You rather want the safety of it. On that point, Japanese cars are one of the best options. They don’t get old, I mean, Japanese used cars are always in good quality. Of course, Japanese truck is not derogated of it.
  Recently, there are tons of Japanese used cars on sale online, so you can take a quick look anytime.